While we all start making resolutions and try to make the new year begin with a bang we all have our resolutions in mind our goals or plans or dreams one of the biggest plans and number one goals a lot of people try to achieve is living a healthier lifestyle. Whether you want to live longer, have more of a pain-free life. Why people are going towards plant-based lifestyles and plant-based foods, the answer is very simple.

The animal fats that we consume, the worse fast food we eat, the less healthy we become therefore lives become shortened, and we run the risk of having more disease. Is this really what you want?Probably not. Given the day-to-day lifestyles that we all live on a plant-based diet can be easy then, on the other hand, can be tough the choice is yours. The best way to start something is to ease into it. When choosing to live a plant-based lifestyle and morphing more towards plant-based eating is not that hard.

The very first thing to do is get yourself a bunch of recipes that you are going to enjoy. Just so were clear living of plant-based lifestyle or choosing to eat more plant-based foods boil down to one simple fact. Your replacing animal fat that you’re getting your proteins from, You then switch which proteins from a much better source such as a nut, beans, and so many other healthy choices out there that will end up lowering your cholesterol.

Plant Based DietGiving you better arterial blood flow which will result in making for a much healthier lifestyle. A quick, easy fix is a bean salad we’ve all been to restaurants and that serve burritos. So why not make your own only kicked up healthier version.

For example take two cans of beans kidney, pinto what have you, then drain them, chop up some red bell pepper and some chopped red onion and maybe throw in a handful or so of some chopped peanuts for extra protein make yourself a little bit extra then mix.

All you need to do now is get a package of whole-wheat tortillas pre-make 10 of them put them in small plastic bags, freeze them when you’re ready to eat, take them out of plastic bags and microwave for around two minutes. ┬áThere are hundreds of recipes online about how to lead a healthy plant-based lifestyle leaning more towards eating plant-based foods rather than getting your protein from meats that have high cholesterol and even such silent killers like scallops and shrimp and lobster. When starting any exercise and diet regime start slowly experiment with spices.

You will and up finding ways to lead more of a plant-based lifestyle by starting slowly and substituting a meal here and there. If anybody is reading this has any success stories recipes and would love to share please do so in our comment section.