Plant Based Living is the way of the future.Have you been procrastinating to check your cholesterol numbers because you suspect that they might be too high? Well, living with high cholesterol knowingly will not do you any justice because you are putting your health at risk. If you know or just discovered that you have high cholesterol, you have nothing to be scared or ashamed of. This just means that you have to change your eating habits- from being a red meat fanatic to developing a more plant based living before the cholesterol cultivates into the danger zone.

Plant Based LivingCutting on red meat and adopting a plant-based diet can help decrease your cholesterol.You can also start eating more poultry and fish, drink soy milk instead of whole milk and increase your intake of fruit and vegetables – you will see your numbers decreasing gradually.

Did you know that high cholesterol levels can cause heart disease and stroke? But by simply taking on a plant based Living and exercising regularly, you can lower your chances of a heart attack or stroke. It may sound like too much of a hassle and you may want to take an easy way out, but how will that help you decrease cholesterol levels?

Consider this – adopting a plant based lifestyle is better than having to take prescribed drugs to keep your cholesterol numbers neutral. You can substitute bacon and egg sandwich with oats for breakfast, butter with olive oil when cooking and snacks with nuts for your midday or evening break.

Living a plant-based lifestyle goes beyond lowering your cholesterol, it can decrease your risks of a heart disease even when your cholesterol levels are too high, and on the upside, making a few changes to your menu and daily routine is much better than the option of taking a pill.

Get into the habit of eating healthy to lower your health risks even further and the first step is adopting a diet that is full of fruits, vegetables and whole grains including oats, legumes, barley, berries, and almonds. They are also high in fiber which helps to reduce cholesterol from the body.

Finally, remember to keep in mind that whatever is on the menu must help to keep your cholesterol levels neutral.  Plant Based Living will be the usual way of life in future years to come as more and more people realize that it is the best way to enjoy good health