Plant-Based Lifestyle Living would like to offer our input in the debate of what are good proteins.

Surely you’ve heard that plant protein is not ′′ complete “, that only meat, egg, and dairy has the proteins the body needs and that plant protein is ′′ incomplete ′′ and that they have to combine. It’s a myth that’s still alive, despite decades-long of outdated information.

Are Plant-Based Proteins Enough for Your healthy Lifestyle

Let’s go to the basics; what’s a protein? Proteins Are nitrogenated substances composed of amino chains that have several functions; maintaining body tissues is best known.

What is an amino acid? Broad traits and summary is each piece that makes up a protein. Imagine a pearl necklace; each pearl is an amino acid; when all the pearls are formed.
What is a complete protein?

We call ′′ complete protein ′′ to one that has all the essential amino acids in its composition in sufficient quantities.

Essential amino acids are what our body cannot synthesize by itself and should get from diet. :

What plant foods have complete protein?

Soy, chickpeas, some types of beans, pistachios, quinoa, hemp seeds, or amaranth. Therefore, we should consider the quality of the protein and the quantity per ratio of consumption. And would there still be another concept to appreciate that is digestibility (SCORE) absorbed into the body? On a scale of 1 to 100, 100 is higher nutrient absorption; for example, the egg has 100! But also soy is 100!! And some other 98-95-85 like chickpea.

chick-pea chickpeas with vegetables

You can consult this food aminogram information at different sources; one of the most accessible is USDA food composition tablets.

Plant-based foods have amino acids; only some of them fall short.

For example, lentils are limiting in an amino acid called methionine; that’s why they call it limiting, but it doesn’t mean we don’t get that amino acid; it’s enough to consume another food that has it, like rice. Eating plant-based is still healthier than consuming animal fats, and it helps save the planet.

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