Many people are doing meatless days more than once or twice a week; new studies are showing.

The trend toward meatless is gaining steam for many reasons.

Firstly it is healthy, and it reduces the risk of heart attacks, Cancers, and other degenerative and chronic diseases, which annually kill millions of Americans and many more millions worldwide.

Also, it reduces the exposure to infections like Salmonella or E-Coli decreases, which makes millions of people sick annually worldwide.

It also raises our energy levels, lowers the food budget, and simplifies food preparation and cleaning.

Why are Many People Doing Meatless Days
Why are Many People Doing Meatless Days?

It also helps increase the available amount of grains, cereals, and legumes for human consumption. This reduces more diseases and lowers cholesterol. All Legumes such as beans contain protein and do not have any cholesterol, which is excellent.

Another great reason is that it saves the soil, groundwaters, forests, and other wildlife forms because they don’t rip away to turn them into fodder for animals.

Protecting the soil, water, and other vital sources for the survival of our children is something we need to look out for our future and the planets.

Protecting the soil, water, and air from methane, urea, manure, urine, hormones, and pesticides is another excellent benefit.

It saves animals from cages, overcrowding, deprivation, mistreatment, beatings, mutilations, and a torturing life and death. Each person who adopts a Plant-based lifestyle diet saves the lives of millions and millions of animals each year. In the period of his life, one person can save more than 6.000 animals only by choosing to feed themselves on a vegetable-based diet.

Plant-Based Lifestyle Living is Something to Strive For

The fact is processed, and fatty meats are not suitable for us. Check this article out on what is happening to the Seafood in our Oceans. The facts are in. Some people chose to go full Vegan and live a Plant-based lifestyle and have this as their food source. Others want to try to do their part and try to gradually switch to having to segway into the lifestyle. This is a great thing to get people to enjoy food without meat, or Seafood can be a great start.

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