Plant Based Lifestyle encourages all people to avoid artificial and harmful food coloring. Artificial colors, what are they and where are they found?

From cereals, soft drinks, cakes, condiments, cookies, potatoes, candy, and almost everything we find in the supermarket has some artificial coloring.

How to Avoid Artificial and Harmful Food Coloring? Why are they bad?

Well for example many studies have shown that in some people they have serious health effects, such as triggering allergies and causing hyperactivity, and there has even been talking of cancer.

How to live a healthy Plant Based Lifestyle

How to Avoid Artificial and Harmful Food Coloring 2

How to Avoid Artificial and Harmful Food Coloring – Effects of food coloring on human health


Here are some reasons to avoid them:

  •  They have no nutritional value, they only serve to give the product a better appearance, but no benefit.
  • They are used in the industry because it is cheaper to color food with artificial colors than with natural colors.
  • Some are made with chemicals derived from oil.
  • Its consumption has been shown to have effects on children’s health and activity or care.
  • They hide in a lot of foods, even in those that seem “healthy”, for example, balsamic vinegar, vanilla amaranth, strawberry yogurt, etc.
  • Most products aimed at children contain artificial colors (even knowing the possible effects on their health) just to make them more attractive. This causes them to want to consume more processed products and natural options seem boring.

How to Avoid Artificial and Harmful Food Coloring 1

How to Avoid Artificial and Harmful Food Coloring

What to do to avoid them?

  • Read the list of ingredients of the products, every time you see Red 40, Yellow 4, Yellow 5, or any other artificial coloring, look for another option.
  • Use homemade natural dyes (paprika, blueberries, spinach). Do you want some pink pancakes? Color them with Beets or Turmeric.
  • Limit the consumption of candy and soda as much as possible. Simply just drink water to avoid any issues

#4 Talk to your children about the possible effect of artificial colors on their health to start raising awareness about them. It is very important to include foods of many colors, but by their nature, they are like that, not that they have been created in a laboratory: grapes, pineapples, strawberries, beets, carrots, cucumbers… If you can! Your health will thank you.

We can all benefit from a healthy life and leading a plant based lifestyle is one big plus.

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