A long time ago, I asked this question to a famous Indian doctor, who specializes in longevity, “What is the best source of Protein?” His answer was quick and almost immediate, “Mung Beans or Moong beans,” he said.

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Day 1

These are little green pea shaped beans with lots of plant protein inside them. Here are a few pictures of how to sprout them and several ideas of what you can do with these powerful protein filled Legumes.

You can buy a sprouter from Amazon, or you can just use cheesecloth, either way, works fine. I just happen to like gadgets.

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Day 2

You start by giving them a good couple of rinses until the water you clean them with runs off clear. They are quite dirty when they come out of the plastic bag so be certain to keep rinsing them until you are certain they are clean. Also, as you are running your fingers through them, remove any small stones that may have slipped through the sorters. Once they are clean and ready to go place them in a singular layer, put some water in the bottom and place the sprouts in a cool place. Make sure to move them around and replace the water every day for best results. Then you can watch and be amazed at the difference a few days will make.

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Day 3

Once the Mung beans have sprouted there are multiple ways you can incorporate them into your diet. One of the easiest and most often used methods is to add them to stir-fries. They go well with celery, carrots onions and broccoli slaw with some nice middle eastern seasonings this will also make for excellent spring roll filings.

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Use them in a stew

Sprucing up everyday ordinary salads is another good use for sprouted mung beans. Not only will they add a little different color and texture, but you significantly increase your protein intake. If you are a fan of healthy shakes, just a handful added to the normal fruits you use will hardly be noticeable by taste.

The bottom line is these are great sources of protein and the amount of ways to use them are endless. You can try them in almost anything including soups and sandwiches.